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Welcome to the [community profile] signlanguage friending meme!

The rules are quite simple - if you're looking for friends, someone to practise sign with or just want to say hello, fill out the questions below (the ones you're comfortable answering, of course). It's a great way to get to know people :)

Let's go! )
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Hello! I'm one of your admins :)

Quick little intro: I'm a hearing person who's been learning some BSL (British sign language) as a hobby for about a year, but have decided to start proper classes and study for my Level 1 qualification this Autumn. I'm 21, and other than learning BSL I like to run, draw, dress in alternative fashion and practise Aikido. I'm also at university studying to be an illustrator, so I love to keep busy! hehe

One thing I'd like to do is maybe start a master post for resources, and another one for classes, so that there's a quick and easy place for newcomers to the comm who are looking for websites to help revise or a local class. Thoughts? :)

Also, a friending meme will be set up in the next few days, so we can all get to know each other :)

Happy Monday!
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I learnt the Auslan (Australian Sign Language) alphabet as a cub scout, by cutting out and laminated a sign guide into my wallet and practicing, and have picked a couple of signs over the years, but have only in the past year been trying to seriously study Auslan.

The best resource that I've found is the iPhone/iPad app from the Royal Institute of Death and Blind Children ( )* but I was wondering what other's suggestions and experiences have been like.

I'm particularly interested in online or downloadable resources, particularly free/trial/cheap because I'm a slow learner and feel like I need to get past the basics, but recommendations for learning tools later on are welcome too.

*i have the free version which I find is pretty good for a vocabulary builder/ getting started, but the paid version which my mother has, goes much more in depth and is quite good for getting an understanding of the grammar and moving past vocab into actually communicating.

I found this one the best due to a combination of convinience of form, the way information is conveyed - that the have a picture of the hand shapes, a video on how it's used and a text summary, and the extent of the vocabulary.


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