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Name:Sign Languages
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Community description:Learning and sharing sign language all around the world

Welcome to the Dreamwidth sign language community!

This community is for people to come here to learn or share knowledge or resources on sign languages. You can be deaf, deafened, hard of hearing or hearing - anybody's welcome so long as you have an interest in sign! Of course, this community isn't just restricted to ASL or BSL either - any sign language or use of it is up for discussion :) Does one of your favourite TV shows have an episode where sign is used? Do you do v-logs in sign too? Maybe your favourite celebrity can sign, or you watch someone signing popular songs? Tell us and show videos! :D

1. Be respectful of other people.
2. If you want to promote a community, make sure it's directly related to Deaf culture or languages - otherwise it can go into [site community profile] dw_community_promo.

Your mods are Rizumu and Lishie of [personal profile] thesynchronomes/[personal profile] lishiewishes.

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american sign language, asl, auslan, australian sign language, british sign language, bsl, deaf, deaf culture, deafness, french sign language, hard of hearing, japanese sign language, jsl, langue des signes française, lsf, see hear, sign language, visual language, 日本手話
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